Softball News

Congratulations Softball State Representatives!





Those of you that were not selected this season, you are all champions to us

Keep up the hard work and your turn will come.


Under 17’s Team

  • Shannon Stevens
  • Nicole Turtle
  • Charlotte Pooley
  • Courtney Dye


Under 19’s State Team

  • Madison Southern (captain)
  • Allanah Alvarado
  • Shinae Hearne
  • Mackenzie Giles-Martin
  • Luci Powell


Open Women

  • Amber Johnson Free
  • Allanah Alvarado
  • Shannon Hearne (representing New Zealand)

Softball Coaches Corner

Div 3 Blue

After a successful tilt at the premiership in div 4 last season the ladies are now competing in Div 3.

So far the season has seen an opening loss then 3 consecutive draws! Our first win is just around the corner! The ladies are keen for success, I have a feeling our best is yet to come


Div 3 Black.

Despite a rocky start to the season the girls have gelled really well and are improving every week. We currently have 1 win and 1 draw from our first 4 games and would like to thank all the players who have filled in when required.

Special thanks to Donna for her batting sessions and to Ollie for being our designated runner every week.


Div 7 Black


After a tough training session the team relax over a “well earned” bevvie at the Carine Tavern. Whilst the majority of the girls are total novices, their determination and enthusiasm is inspirational.

On the diamond they are no pushover, they strive to win!

The girls are totally grateful to the junior players that top up the team on a regular basis, Courtney, Ollie and Hayles thanks a million!

To our sometimes scorers you are the best, thank you

Goooo Cats



Please make sure you send to registrar Cheryl Poustie your game counts after
every game

this includes the players that fill in for you, they are entitled to a game

If you have not done so already place the date of game and the list of
players from your scorebook and forward to Cheryl ASAP


Hopefully none of you are having too many issues

You need to fill all the required information in

Move mouse over results

Click on post results

Click on Women’s Scores

Fill in all details required and then submit

MVP Voting

As you know in years gone by we have always had voting slips and envelopes

This year the coach is to issue his own 3: 2 and 1 votes and keep

a spreadsheet or similar to be bought to the “Vote Count Night” at the end
of the season.

All coaches are to attend; date to be advised!

Your team trophies will be ordered on the night, 3: 2 and 1 votes are only

for fixture games not finals.

The votes are not to be confused with the votes the umpire issues

for association MVP s in your scorebook.

4 trophies per team


Confirmed by the votes


Ascertained by the batting stats

2 coaches choice trophies

In the event one player takes out MVP and batting they receive a larger
trophy for both awards

The coach then receives 3 smaller trophies to hand out

(concur with your scorer re your weekly three, two and one votes after each

Comments From The Chair

Season is moving along very nicely, we have a wonderful supportive committee and coaching staff, sincere thanks to them all.

Our club is very much a family orientated club with players transitioning from Teeball to softball or baseball.

The softball division caters for the social through to elite players, inaugural season for junior winter ball last year was very well received, the men’s competition will be fielding a Cats side next season too.

Head coach Donna Titheradge’s vision has paid huge dividends to us as a club, state and Australian team representation and New Zealand pick ups are all due to Donna and her staffs dedication.

Donnas’ passion being development the younger players in our club, we are most fortunate to have Donna and the excellent coaching staff in attendance at Cats.

Level one and two coaching courses were completed last season, First Aid also being part of our grant, grants play a very big part of our club, we are a not for profit organisation.

Keeping players on the diamond with the best possible playing equipment is another reason Carine is one of the largest clubs in WA, our generous sponsors play a huge role financially and we are most appreciative of them all.


  • Armstrong Rebecca
  • Ashworth Emily
  • Berriman Katelyn Carine Cats
  • Boutwell Ashton Carine Cats
  • Boyer Paige
  • HoyPoy Zoe Carine Cats
  • Karklin Brielle
  • Kopp Kasey
  • Nolan Kate
  • Norvall Taylah Carine Cats
  • Oakley Sam
  • O’Brien Megan
  • Patrick Brianna Carine Cats
  • Pooley Samantha Carine Cats
  • Sullivan Emily
  • Whelan Olivia Carine Cats


  • Head Coach -Ryan HoyPoy Carine Cats
  • Assistant Coach -Brian Boutwell Carine Cats
  • Manager -Natalie Berriman Carine Cats
  • Scorer- Lauren Edwards


Carine Cats Under 15 Blue – I’m currently Coaching another great group of girls who stepped up to the challenge of Under 15’s from the two Carine Cats Little League Teams. These girls are fast developing into a good bunch of players with great training sessions run by Donna Titheradge and Sam Skillingstad.

Ryan HoyPoy