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SEMSA – A Grade Premiers 2019 are… Carine Cats!!

This year the Division 1 softball team at Carine decided that they would leave the Perth softball league competition and head out to Parkwood and take on the much stronger league at SEMSA… it’s been regarded as the place to be in the “softball world” here in Perth.
The girls took a few weeks to find their feet, but hung in there all season to finish 3rd after the regular season and embark upon their first final series in their first season, which was an achievement in itself.
They knocked off Wildcats in their elimination final, and then defeated the all conquering Cougars (last years premiers and this years minor premiers), then they came up against the Cobras, who had strong team with a lot of experience, and the girls were up against it, and being the new kids on the block, it wasn’t just the Cobras they were up against.
The cats came out all guns blazing, with young Ash pitching superbly, and the girls batting well, we held a 5 run lead going into the bottom of the 7th. (Last inning for peeps who don’t know) and the cobras got 3 runs in very quickly and the big fella, along with the rest of the Cats supporters were going into panic mode…
But it was the cool head of Donna Powell who made the final crucial clean piece of fielding, got the throw off to her daughter Luci Powell at first base, and the rest they say is history…
The cats got up 5 – 3, in a game lasting 2 hours.
Really enjoyed watching Amber Bloxsome and the girls this year.
We came, we took on the World and we conquered…
Carine Cats, A grade premiers 2019!!

2019 A Grade Premiers – SEMSA